AN ISO 9001:2000 Company


Industrial & Commercial
ProcessWater Treatment Plant

Water Tretment Solution Process

Industrial & Commercial Packaging, Drinking Water R. O. Plant

Softning and De-Mineralizaton Plant

Swimming pool Filteration

Complete Automatic Rising, Filling and Capping machinery

Arkashan plant

Chilling Plant

Soft Drinking Macinery


Membrane System...

Reverse Osmosis System

Ultra Filteration System

Micro Filteration System


Area Of Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries

Food & Beverages Industries

Dairy Industries

Paper And Pulp Industries

Chemical Industries

Textile Industries

Metal & Tanneries Industries

Water Tretment Industries

West Water Tretment Industries


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We are manufacturer of Packaged Drinking Water Plant and Machinery. We can also manufacture as per your country standards.
Experts in : Separation Water Filter & purifire. R.O. Plant D. M. Plant.
Industrial & Domestic R.O. Swimming Pool Filteration Softning Plant.
Sea R.O.
Waste Water Plant Arkashan Plant

AN ISO 9001:2000 Company


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